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Stabilized, Freeze Dried Bacteriophage for Use in Austere Environments

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), in collaboration with the University of Connecticut (UConn), has been awarded a research program from the US Army to develop a formulation and process for lyophilization, or freeze drying, of bacteriophages for improved stability to enable bacteriophage treatments in austere environments.

Effective management of military personnel that suffer wounds during multi-domain operations (MDO) requires care at the point of injury to prevent and treat infection to stabilize the wound. Due to increases in multidrug-resistant organisms, treatment modalities must include therapies outside of traditional antibiotics. Phage therapies consisting of cocktails of bacteriophages are a promising solution for treating infection, but poor stability outside of a highly controlled environment makes them inapplicable to austere environments typical encountered in MDO. Therefore, PSI’s technology will be capable of stabilizing bacteriophages for long-term storage at a wide range of environmental temperatures to enable reliable application of phage therapies in austere environments. This will lead to better outcomes for soldiers that suffer wounds during MDO.

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