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Microwave Technologies

PSI applies microwave technologies to problems surrounding material characterization and inspection.

Microwave Technologies

Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Characterization

Non-destructive evaluation of reinforced concrete structures.

Capability Description: A deployable multi-static radar antenna which uses machine learning techniques to construct a 3D visualization of a concrete volume.

Key Features:

Low mass
Small stowed volume

Easy to use:
Simple deployment
User-friendly instructions and data interpretation
Minimal user involvement required once assembled

Deployable system for characterization and subsurface mapping of concrete structures

Benefit to Warfighter/Customer:

This easy-to-use system will have numerous dual-use applications. These may include search and rescue operations within collapsed structures or wall breaching by during emergencies. The algorithmic feature classification and strength predictions simplify operations making GPR more accessible to untrained users for building inspections or other survey needs.

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High-Power Microwaves

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