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High Speed VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Imager

Hyperspectral imager (HSI)

Covering the visible/near-infrared to shortwave infrared (VNIR/SWIR) for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions

Capability Description: PSI has developed a high speed VNIR/SWIR HSI coupled to autonomous anomaly and target detection algorithms suitable for airborne ISR applications. The novel architecture enables rapid staring-mode hyperspectral data acquisition that decouples aircraft motion from the sensor, resulting in high fidelity images. The broad spectral range (400-2500 nm) accesses multiple target phenomenologies allowing for better separation of targets from background, confusers, and clutter. The accompanying real-time target detection algorithms perform in situ characterization and elimination of spectral and spatial clutter, anomaly separation and detection, and spectral, shape and feature matching against key targets.

Key Features

  •  The high speed VNIR/SWIR HSI is compact, low powered, and compatible with a wide array of platforms, including small commercial UASs.
  •  The novel architecture employs MEMS-based, programmable scanning slits enabling high hyperspectral data cube acquisition rates and staring mode operation.
  •  The VNIR/SWIR spectral coverage supports exploitation of multiple target phenomenologies, enabling separation of targets from background clutter and discrimination from common confusers.

1st generation VNIR/SWIR HSI mounted to a commercial octocopter UAS


The flexible HSI architecture is adaptable to different spectral ranges and standoffs addressing an array of applications, including:

  •  Ground and aerial ISR missions,
  •  Standoff chemical and explosives detection,
  •  Missile detection,
  •  Vegetation trait mapping, and
  •  Precision agriculture

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