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The US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security have always been PSI’s largest customers. That was true in 1973 and remains so today.

We provide state of the art laboratory facilities for exploration of phenomenology important to defense systems. We invent, build, and deliver specialized test and evaluation systems to national facilities. We transfer defense-related technologies to large prime contractors supporting national acquisition programs. We also stand-up manufacturing capacity to deliver components and systems directly to customers.

Sensors for Defense and Security

Our world class capability in chemical and biological sensing technology is derived from a broad background in the physical mechanisms that lead to uniquely exploitable signatures, a strong knowledge of lasers, detectors, and optics that enables the capture of those signatures, as well as a foundation in applied mathematics and signal processing that enables the extraction of those signatures in highly cluttered environments.

PSI’s “laboratory to the field” approach to sensor development has led to the introduction of a range of sensor technologies. They include the Adaptive Infrared Imaging Spectroradiometer (AIRIS) with application to a range of standoff vapor, aerosol, and surface chemical and biological agent detection problems.

Algorithm capability and applications knowledge has led to the development of active systems for the detection of surface chemical detection employing quantum cascade lasers as well as biological aerosol trigger detectors based on spark induced breakdown spectroscopy. PSI’s C/B detection modalities are now being adapted to deployment on our Instant Eye UAV platform for sensitive site exploitation and combat outpost protection.


Raman spatial heterodyne spectrometer

CBRN Sensors and Systems

Our CBRN detection products continue to be developed based on a strong phenomenological understanding of signature generation while placing strong emphasis on detection, identification and data fusions algorithms that exploit knowledge of sensor systems. Our approaches are revolutionizing CBRN threat detection and identification through hardware and algorithm designs optimized for signal extraction in low signal-to-clutter conditions.



Mobile radiation detection

Missile Test Equipment

We offer test equipment and sevices for simulating and characterizing missile signatures in support of next generation warning and interceptor development. Our products include laser based plume simulators, plume spectral imagers, and DMD-based scene projectors. We also offer equioment and services for high temeprature testing for hypersonic material qualification.


Hyperspectral plume transmission imaging

Hyperspectral plume transmission imaging

Space Systems

We develop components, systems and processes for space deployment. Our FASTTM system is recognized as the gold standard for atomic oxygen testing for low earth applications and is used by multiple organizations around the world to conduct LEO related R&D efforts (e.g. materials effects, plume signatures, energy accommodation, etc.). We offer specialty coatings for spacecraft charge mitigation, thermal management, and deorbiting tether tape.


Atomic oxgen source

Atomic oxgen source

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