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Fielded Mechanisms

Portable Devices and Safety Equipment

PSI develops devices to improve service member and personnel safety for commercial and defense-related applications.

Operational use puts severe demands on equipment, and there is always a need to reduce weight and volume of equipment. Our expertise is in class-leading strength-to-weight and minimum-size packaging.

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Rapid Emergency Evacuation Litter (REEL)

Delivering critical care support during casualty evacuation.

Capability Description: The REEL, Rapid Emergency Evacuation Litter is a revolutionary, lightweight evacuation litter/stretcher specifically designed to meet the needs of tactical field care and aeromedical transport.

Benefits: The REEL Litter has been tested to Joint En Route Care Evacuation Test Standard (JECETS) safety during casualty evacuation. The REEL Litter enables the war fighter to carry patients for extended distances over rough terrain. Its lightweight and man-packable design are ideal for dismounted, off-set, and Helicopter Assault Force (HAF) Missions. The materials are ultra-tough Dyneema and aircraft-grade aluminum. The litter system can be deployed in seconds to become an efficient patient carrying platform.

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Hydraulic Pneumatic Hybrid Emergency (HYPHE) Cutter

Capability Description: HYPHE provides a method for rapidly severing wire ropes aboard Navy ships in emergencies.



  • Replaces legacy cutter that uses explosives
  • All-weather usage
  • Multiple cuts before reloading

HYPHE enables safer Underway Replenishment (UNREP) aboard Navy ships.

Shock Mitigation

Capability Description: PSI’s technology reduces ballistic shock levels to survivable limits for crew and equipment while retaining component functionality after impact along with alignment of critical subsystems.

Key Features:

The system can be scaled to match the size and weight of the payload and desired protection level. Current applications span from human safety limits to onboard sensor systems. Originally developed for combat vehicles, the shock mitigation technology is platform-agnostic.


  •  Tank Gunsight Isolator – Protects sensitive gunsight components from non-penetrating ballistic impact by reducing acceleration levels of protected components. Developing unit for integration onboard M1A2 Abrams.
  •  Crew Seating – Multi-axis crew protection system reduces impact loads during vehicle under-body, side, and roof impact. The seating shock absorbers attenuate initial short-duration blast loads as well as long-duration vehicle slam-down afterward.

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