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Recent Graduates

Achieve your potential while making a difference.

Here at PSI, you’ll be part of a dynamic work environment with “big company” core capabilities in a small company environment. You will work with a talented group of professional scientists, engineers and administrative staff who are continuously operating at the highest levels in their fields to solve some of the most difficult problems of our time. You’ll be challenged to think about problems at the system level while applying your educational and professional knowledge to provide revolutionary solutions to those problems. Your successes will be used by individuals ranging from medical clinicians to Special Forces operators, you’ll work right alongside them to get there.

It’s your company to lead.

As an Employee-Owned organization, our company operates from the bottom up. We value input from all employees no matter if it is your first day or you have been part of our company for many years. We own our company, which puts employees into a unique position to not only value the individual success but also have a drive to do what is best for the company. Your successes, big or small, are our successes. Here at PSI, we all want what is best for the company, but we cannot do that without wanting what is best for you.

From the start of your career at PSI, you will be provided opportunities to engage directly with our customers, in both government and industry, to understand and solve their problems. As you further yourself within PSI and the industry, you will interact with your peers through publications and professional meeting presentations as well as through collaborative programs with some of the finest universities in the country. With the support of PSI, you’ll take your research from the laboratory to test beds ranging from desert battlefields, to the deep ocean, to some of our nations most advanced clinical research facilities right here in Boston. You may encounter many new challenges as you promote yourself in the industry and with customers, but your colleagues and management here at PSI will be there to assist you throughout your career.

Take the initiative.

We’ve been around for 50+ years and we know technical leaders when we see them. If you’re an intrinsically motivated individual, for whom the outcome is the reward, check out our job postings.

Experienced Professionals

At the core of PSI is a cadre of mid-career technical professionals, working with recent graduates from some of the world’s premier universities and those with considerable expertise, to get state-of-the-art technology out of the lab and into the hands of the users. These technically sharp professional individuals can think at the system level. These experienced professionals have an understanding of technology development and funding processes in both government and commercial settings. In the hopes that they will provide guidance to recent graduates as well as their customer, these experienced individuals should have a firm desire to create effective solutions to the problems at hand. If you’re one of these people and you’re looking for a supportive environment in which to practice this art, come see us. You’ll find in our organization:

  • An ESOP company that values individual successes that contribute to success of the company as a whole.
  • Passionate, trusted, focused and talented colleagues whose experience and knowledge span a very wide and deep range of scientific and engineering disciplines.
  • The technical capability and facilities of a large company with the nimbleness of a start-up.
  • The financial and administrative resources to develop and manage large technology development programs without the bureaucracy.

We hire for a career, not a contract, and our staff is selected for their ability to lead and contribute in a broad range of technical and administrative disciplines. Everything is in place for you to move your career forward providing technical and business development leadership in our company.

Internships, Graduate, and Undergraduate Projects

Choose your Experience PSI offers a broad range of learning opportunities for undergraduate and Master’s students seeking practical experience in a Research and Development setting. We provide paid internships across a broad range of engineering and scientific disciplines through our developed PSI Internship Program. These internships may be linked to Capstone, Qualifying, or Independent Research projects supporting core degree curricula at the student’s institution. PSI may also provide material, facility, and advisory support for these projects through the academic year.

Learn by Doing

Students participating in these opportunities will work side-by-side with career professionals engaged in hands-on project work supported by our laboratories and engineering facilities, including modern instrumentation, manufacturing equipment, prototyping capabilities, and analysis methods. Many involve fieldwork-evaluating technologies at the prototype stage of development. They will be exposed to the basics of small project management, learn how to establish and achieve project objectives, and have the ability to document and present their project work to their peers and staff professionals.

Set Your Course

We were once you, and for many of us these types of project opportunities were key milestones in deciding on a future career direction. Many of our interns have gone on to graduate school and some become our employees after graduation. Whether you are planning to work after graduation or continue your education, the insights provided by your time with us will help guide that decision.

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