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Space and Missile Test Services and Systems

Expertise in Aerothermal Materials Testing and Signature Phenomenology

Physical Sciences Inc. has >30 years of experience conducting research into materials effects and related phenomenology associated with rockets, missiles and other vehicles traveling at hyperthermal velocities at altitudes relevant to hypersonic flight (nominally 15 – 50 km) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO: 100 – 600 km). Products of that research include PSI’s:

1) FAST technology which serves as the gold standard for atomic oxygen testing for the LEO environment and

2) Microwave torch technology, MIDJetTM, a high enthalpy torch technology used in PSI’s hypersonic materials testbed.

PSI offers:

1) system sales of complete testbeds based upon both technologies for materials testing and other research applications and

2) materials testing services described further on web pages linked below.

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Space & Missile Services & Systems

HT Test Service

HT Test Service

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Laser Detonation Source for Hyperthermal Atomic Oxygen

AO Test

AO Test

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Microwave Torch Technology

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"I’m so excited to see where the new sensing technologies I’m helping to develop will have an impact"

Libby Schundler, Principal Research Scientist