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Chemical Vapor Deposition

Coating application to fibers and fabrics

Small-batch CVD for interface coatings on fibers and fabrics

Capability Description: PSI’s CVD reactors have the ability to coat up to 4m² of fabric per cycle. Our standard coating, MOD-1, is a dual-layer BN/SiN interphase coating for both carbon or SiC fibers and fabric.


CVD Process Diagram

Key Features:

  • Up to 4m2 batch size per CVD cycle
  • Carbon or SiC fiber and fabrics
  • Dual-layer BN/SiN interphase coatings
  • Thickness variable per customer specification and fiber type
  • Layer thickness tolerances ± 25 nm
  • No stiffening of fibers/ fabrics due to coating process

SEM Image of a fiber with MOD-1 CVD coating applied