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Handheld Seawater Optical Attenuation Meter (K-meter)

Dual Channel 532 nm LIDAR Measurements

Handheld K Meter

Non-contact measurement of seawater optical properties for guiding Navy mine-hunting operations

PSI has developed and field tested a handheld, non-contact, LIDAR-based instrument for measuring seawater optical properties to guide the application of U.S. Navy mine-hunting assets.

Key Features

  • Dual channel 532 nm LIDAR
  • Measures beam attenuation coefficient, c(532) and diffuse attenuation coefficient, Kd(532)
  • Enables calculation of seawater absorbance, a(532) and scattering, b(532) coefficients
  • Simple to used handheld operation requiring minimal training
  • Rapid measurements with minimal sailor effort
  • Point-and-shoot over the side of the boat
PSI Handheld K-Meter Transceiver Module

PSI Handheld K-Meter Transceiver Module

Benefit to Customer

Easy to use point-and-shoot measurements of water optical quality to guide application of Navy optical mine hunting assets.

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