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Scalable Aiming Device for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), has received a contract award from the Naval Air Warfare Center to develop and demonstrate a low cost, accurate, and single-use aiming device for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) disrupters.

Current low cost aiming devices requires the removal of the device before firing, affecting the aim of the disrupter and tends to become damaged after firing due to the high recoil forces. PSI plans to overcome the shortcomings of current aiming devices without sacrificing the low cost by developing a single-shot aiming device that will allow for the disrupter to be aimed and fired simultaneously. The device will wrap around any disrupter barrel size from 1 to 6 inches. The device will achieve an accuracy of under 1 inch from the intended target at a 50-foot distance in both day and night conditions, allow for an installation of the device in under 30 seconds with no tools required, and function at a wide range of operating conditions exceeding current state-of-the-art aiming devices.

PSI’s aiming device will allow for reduction in costs by reducing material costs and labor hours required for ordnance disposal. The ability to use the aiming device while firing will significantly increase the accuracy of the disrupter and reduce the number of shots necessary to properly dispose of an explosive ordnance. The technology will be transitioned to federal (Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Division) and state governments (bomb squads, etc.) for EOD operations.
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Dr. Jeffrey Wegener
Group Leader, Propulsion and Energetics
Physical Sciences Inc.
Telephone: (978) 689-0003