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Safe, High Performance Cell Design via an Integrated Separator-Electrode-Electrolyte Composite Architecture

Press Release

Press Release

Imperia Batteries, a division of Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), has been awarded a program from the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to develop an integrated separator-electrode-electrolyte composite architecture incorporating conductive electrolyte components in a polymer-ceramic composite separator that is directly applied to electrodes, simultaneously improving energy density and safety.

This technology will improve safety by reducing the possibility for a cell to short-circuit via electrode misalignment, gas bubble generation, or by melting or shrinking of the separator when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, the ionic conductivity of the architecture will allow for the reduction/removal of flammable electrolyte components from the cell. These features will protect the cell from common failure mechanisms and reduce risks associated with sympathetic ignition in the event of fire. These safety technologies will be combined with a proven high capacity silicon composite anode.

Imperia Batteries’ electrode architecture developed in this program will provide significant increases to both energy density and safety of Li-ion battery systems in both commercial and defense markets. The improved safety characteristics make the batteries incorporating this technology ideal for applications where catastrophic battery failure exposes the user to significant risks, such as in electric vehicle applications or in manned military operations. Additionally, the technology will streamline manufacturing processes, decreasing the capital equipment required for cell stacking, ultimately decreasing the cost of battery manufacturing. This technology is independent of cell format and scale, meaning that it could be adopted in a variety of cell formats including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles / unmanned underwater vehicles, conformal wearable batteries, and beyond.

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