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Recycling Fast-Response Atom Interferometer for Navigation (ReFRAIN)

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop an atom interferometer accelerometer specially designed to improve inertial navigation systems on dynamic Department of Defense platforms such as aircraft, ships, and spacecraft. This technology addresses a key vulnerability in modern navigation technology, maintaining global position information despite the denial or disruption of GPS signals, by enabling improved inertial measurement performance.

Atom interferometers in laboratory settings have demonstrated highly accurate acceleration measurements, but are commonly limited to single-axis operation, require alignment with local gravity, and offer low dynamic range. The Recycling Fast-Response Atom Interferometer for Navigation (ReFRAIN) introduces a new architecture that enables rapid measurements of the full acceleration vector while operating in any orientation while on a moving platform. In addition, the architecture is specifically designed to provide sensitivity, dynamic range, bandwidth, and bias stability for operation compatible with supporting navigation-grade or strategic-grade inertial navigation systems. An initial demonstration of the novel architecture will enable production of an engineering prototype with the size, weight, and power compatible with modern inertial instruments by leveraging parallel in-house innovations in laser and ultra-high vacuum technology.

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