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On-wing Cryogen Generator

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a research program from the U.S. Army to lead a team to develop an airborne cryogen generator. The compact liquid cryogen production system will use extremely small turbomachines for all compression and expansion processes and additively manufactured compact heat exchangers for heat rejection and Joule-Thomson cooling. The use of industry-leading compact components with high efficiencies will lead to low system mass and will target the highest achievable production rate per unit system mass.

Turbomachinery is directly derived from a prior small turboalternator under development. Heat exchangers are derived from existing development units that have demonstrated their performance for two-phase flow in prior research.

The major benefit of the program is to make the compact, high-COP cryogen generators available to mobile platforms. This capability will enable higher instantaneous discharge rates for pulsed-power electronics and other high energy systems that have high power density. The system may also be considered for 6th generation fighter jets or other aircraft that need to dissipate electronics heat. Other applications include high altitude and spaceborne platforms, as well as ground vehicles that experience packaging constraints.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Sean Torrez
Group Leader, Deployable Technologies
Physical Sciences Inc.
Telephone: (978) 689-0003