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Multimodal optical imager for olfactory dysfunction diagnosis

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), in collaboration with Tufts University and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, has been awarded a research program from the U.S. Army to explore the use of an advanced multimodal optical imaging technology for diagnosing olfactory dysfunction (OD).

OD is a significant threat factor in the modern military due to frequent exposure to harmful inhalational environments in various military settings. In addition, COVID-19 has caused a sudden onset of OD and most COVID-19 patients suffer from partial or full OD. Although various olfactory tests have been used to diagnose OD, there is no reliable clinical device to assess OD. PSI’s approach is to combine within the same instrument two complementary optical modalities: optical coherence tomography and reflectance confocal microscopy. When combined, they can simultaneously provide real-time, depth-resolved images of the olfactory neuroepithelium and sub-cellular details. Successful development of this technology will help olfactory researchers to better understand dysfunctions in the olfaction process and enable rhinologists to more accurately diagnose OD.

The successful development of this instrument will result in improved healthcare outcomes for both military and civilian patients that suffer olfactory dysfunction The long-term impact will be the introduction of a new medical device into the market for the comprehensive evaluation and management of general nasal diseases and disorders. The new device will contribute to clinically efficient patient care and reduced healthcare costs.

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