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Low-cost Integrated Blast Acquisition Test Surrogate

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), in collaboration with Wayne State University (WSU), has been awarded a research program from the U.S. Army to develop a low cost blast surrogate testing device that can be used to evaluate next generation personal protective equipment (PPE).

PSI’s approach will provide a surrogate model to evaluate damage to the brain, lungs and neurosensory system from a blast wave event. The low cost approach will provide the ability to automatically acquire data and share it to a cloud-computing platform for remote analysis. Reduced cost will be achieved by using modern 3D printing techniques and by developing/sourcing low cost sensorsto monitor forces on the brain within the skull. Collaboration with WSU will enable the testing of the blast surrogate and establish algorithms to identify potential organ damage.

The successful development of the blast surrogate testing device will result in a high fidelity model that can be used to test PPE for the military, for industrial heavy machinery applications, and sports medicine. Another goal is to provide improved collision data feedback for the automotive industry. Concussions resulted from collisions and repetitive head injuries lead to long-term physical and mental degradation. The auto industry would have a higher fidelity platform to understand damage to the head and torso after a car accident. This surrogate will also be useful to evaluate the severity of collisions in contact sports and assist in development of PPE to minimize head and torso trauma.

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