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High Speed VNIR/SWIR HSI for Airborne Mine Detection

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a research program from the U.S. Navy, Naval Air Warfare Center, to develop a beach zone mine detection capability based on a novel, high-speed visible-near infrared, shortwave infrared hyperspectral imaging (VNIR/SWIR HSI) sensor.

The VNIR/SWIR HSI sensor employs a digital micromirror device as agile, programmable entrance slits into VNIR and SWIR grating spectrometer channels, each with two-dimensional focal plane arrays. This architecture enables rapid hyperspectral data generation with high spatial resolution supporting fast speed of advance and high specificity airborne mine detection. The HSI will enable detection and discrimination from beach zone clutter of key spectral phenomenology including disturbed sand, grain size, vegetation stress, and surface mines. The sensor will be coupled with an advanced detection algorithm that performs in situ clutter characterization, anomaly detection and spectral, shape, and feature matching against key targets.

PSI’s capability will be able to detect and discriminate anomalies and mine targets including disturbed sand in cluttered beach zone environments from an airborne platform at a rapid speed of advance. Other applications include standoff chemical and explosives detection, vegetation trait mapping, and precision agriculture.

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