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High Power Ultra-violet Laser Beacon

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has received a program from the U.S. Space Force to design and develop an innovative, low SWaP, high-pulse energy, high-average power UV Rayleigh beacon.

The U.S. Space Force seeks to enhance the coverage of the nation’s Space Surveillance Network with smaller, perhaps mobile, optical telescopes. It seeks to do so by developing key components for these smaller telescopes that will preserve operational performance. Although atmospheric turbulence can limit the performance of ground-based telescopes, laser beacons are an established technique to overcome the adverse effects of turbulence. There is a need for a UV Rayleigh laser beacon for military purposes that will enable the desired performance for a compact optical telescope.

PSI’s approach will result in a high-power ultra-violet (UV) Rayleigh beacon laser for ground-based optical telescopes. This system will be superior to current commercially available alternatives. It has dual-use applications for astronomical observations or space situational awareness providing improved tracking and imaging of satellites and celestial objects. More broadly, high pulse energy, nanosecond lasers are extensively used in numerous industrial, scientific and military applications such as mine hunting and target illumination.

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Dr. Joel Hensley
Vice President, Photonics
Physical Sciences Inc.
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