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Enhanced Cargo Screening Analysis via Image-manifest Correlation

Press Release

Press Release

PSI has been awarded a research program from the US Department of Homeland Security to develop an air cargo screening software suite that automatically parses air cargo waybills and detects and localizes the reported cargo contents within X-ray images obtained during screening.

PSI’s software will utilize state-of-the-art machine-learning (ML) and natural language processing techniques to rapidly analyze and correlate manifests with associated X-ray/CT imagery. The software will feature a novel vision-language model that exhibits a natural language understanding of X-ray imagery. This software is designed to relieve mental fatigue experienced by the screener and facilitate rapid decision-making, with the result of increasing throughput and accuracy in the overall screening process. Additionally, the object detection and localization capabilities will reduce the scope of secondary screenings, reducing the time and liability costs associated with manual inspection.

The Automated Image-Manifest Analysis for Cargo Screening (AIMACS) capability will be packaged as a lightweight external device that is easily incorporated into existing X-ray/CT screening systems via a wired connection. As a result of this feature, the overall throughput and accuracy of screening operations will be increased and will result in a reduction of the time, liability, and cost incurred by performing manual inspections. The AIMACS capability is anticipated to be of significant interest to agencies that perform X-ray/CT screening for both security- and trade-related purposes.

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