Press Releases > Dr. Robert F. Weiss 10 March 1937 – 06 May 2021

Dr. Robert F. Weiss 10 March 1937 – 06 May 2021

Press Release

Press Release

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Bob Weiss, who died suddenly on May 6. Bob was an inspirational leader who founded Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) in 1973. He created the approach and basic model that has led to our decades of growth – based on technical excellence, clear communication, and a focus on seeing our advances benefit our nation and the world. From the outset, he realized that people were the essential element that enabled a great and enduring company. Bob shared ownership of PSI broadly through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), and recognized the many benefits of employee ownership. Bob lead the company as President and CEO through many exciting and challenging times over its first 25 years.

Bob was a tireless advocate for small businesses, and was instrumental in the continuation and evolution of the SBIR program. He played a key role in Washington, negotiating a shared common ground between many conflicting political and economic interests.

Following his retirement from PSI, Bob continued to touch many companies as an advisor and visionary for technology transition. In recent years he played a central role in the creation and evolution of the MASS START program, furthering his passion for bringing technological innovation to the market.

Bob’s vision of an organization based on technical excellence and moral responsibility remains at the heart of PSI, as the organization he conceived almost 50 years ago has grown into a diversified corporation with offices throughout the U.S. His kindness, humanitarianism, wit, and wisdom will be greatly missed.