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Deployable UUV Communications System (DUCS)

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a research program from the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific to create a integrated antenna deployment system that elevates the communications antennas above the hull of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) when surfaced to improve signal and increase line-of-sight communications distance.

The U.S. Navy has identified an urgent need for improved UUV communications and seeks improved antennas for the Razorback Medium UUV platform. To address this, PSI is developing a broadband antenna system to replace the multiple off-the-shelf antennas currently in use, which are rigidly mounted and too short for consistent Line-of-Sight communications in elevated sea states. An integrated antenna solution will allow the user to achieve required antenna performance within the compact space claim and reduce system weight. PSI is partnering with a leader in the UUV market to develop a system that is ready to integrate with the Razorback MUUV.

While the antenna system is specifically being developed for Navy personnel, this innovative concept will open up a new type of integrated, multi-band antenna for military and commercial solutions. Its modular architecture will allow PSI to rapidly reconfigure the design for different applications. UUVs are used for a variety of tasks in the commercial sector, including oceanographic research and by the oil and gas industry. This system could be implemented to complement existing antenna systems to improve range and mission duration.

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Dr. Sean Torrez
Group Leader, Deployable Technologies
Physical Sciences Inc.
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