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Compact Litter Assist for Warfighters

Press Release

Press Release

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a contract from the Defense Health Agency to develop a lightweight exoskeleton to assist warfighters and medics when carrying casualties on a litter.

The Defense Health Agency requires a device to augment the grip strength of service members and allow them to carry litters for longer distances. Currently, no such device exists in the standard military equipment set, and litters are simply carried by hand. Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) proposes the Compact Litter Assist for Warfighters (CLAW), a passive, low profile, semi-rigid upper body exoskeleton that improves litter carrying distance by 200% by supplementing personnel grip strength and redistributing load from the hands to the shoulders and hips. It improves carrying capacity without reducing the user’s ability to conduct their medical and combat duties by utilizing deployable grippers stored in housings on the forearm. The load is transferred to the user via a soft harness system that fits under body armor.

For more information contact:

Dr. Sean Torrez
Area Manager, Deployable Structures
Physical Sciences Inc.
Office: (978) 689-0003

Acknowledgement of Sponsorship:  This work is supported under a contract with the Defense Health Agency at U.S. Army/Ft. Detrick. This support does not constitute an express or implied endorsement on the part of the Government.