Our people

Our People

We are proud of all of our employees and the contributions they make to our company every day.

PSI is an 100% employee-owned company and each of our employees are the puzzle pieces to our continued success. Through their knowledge, hard-work, and dedication we continue to grow and learn.

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A drive to invent, demonstrate, and translate technologies that solve critical needs!

“I’m really impressed with the equipment and resources at PSI. PSI has laboratory equipment such as optical tables, lasers, power meters, oscilloscopes and electronics, scanning electron microscopes, and a machine room to name a few. Other small companies lack such resources making it particularly difficult to win proposals and 
to conduct experiments. Having a job that allows me to make measurements is 
really rewarding.” - Training soldiers on the InstantEye UAV

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Group Leader, Optical Systems Technologies


Human Resources Administrator

Translate Technologies

Principal Project Engineer, Product Manager, Sensor Systems

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