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Energetic Materials

PSI possesses capability in scaling energetics production from a few mg to the kg scale. We have extensive laboratory space dedicated to organic chemical and energetic synthesis, with attendant bench-top reactors, stir plates and analytical equipment. PSI maintains a micropilot facility capability of continuously producing energetic materials at the 100s of g scale. Process development is guided by Aspen Plus Process Simulation Software. We also utilize a broad range of material synthesis technologies including 3D printing and microreactor/microseparator systems.

Energetic Ingredients

PSI has significant expertise in the development and synthesis of energetic ingredients. Our capabilities include the fabrication of propellant and explosive formulations and ingredients. Our characterization facilities include a suite of equipment to fully characterize and quantify the properties of the energetic compounds we synthesize.

PSI has a synthesized a wide range of energetic ingredients for various programs including:

  • Aluminum Hydride (AlH3)
  • ASCENT Monopropellant
  • Fine Ammonium Perchlorate (<5mm)
  • Novel Explosives/Oxidizers

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of new class of energetic crystal synthesized to exceed the ballistic performance of current state-of-the-art ingredients.


We have extensive experience producing propellants to support various programs using either a Resodyn acoustic mixer, shear mixer, and 3-D printing techniques. The propellants are produced on the lab scale for propellant formulation characterization and produced on larger scale for engine firings.

SEM Cross-Section Analysis of Coated Metals Formulations


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