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Trigger Initiated Graph Examiner


Graph analytics capability to identify and efficiently search for adversary patterns across multiple fused data channels.

TIGER, in combination with our entity alignment capabilities, breaks down the stove pipes of traditional intelligence analysis, enabling analysts to rapidly identify and search for patterns across data channels.

Entity alignment connects activities across different data channels to the same people and organizations. Raw data sources do not commonly record these linkages, but instead only include a set of identifying person or business attributes reported by the responsible party for each transaction. Entity alignment builds the required connectivity, within and across different data channels, to enable analysts to rapidly understand and search for larger patterns of behavior in adversary actions. TIGER supports analysts in codifying this understanding into meaningful patterns or “templates”.

The TIGER graph search algorithms efficiently identify matches to these templates in >1 billion node scale world graph databases within seconds. Results are streamed into a near real-time user interface to enable analysts to refine search parameters to extract the most meaningful targets for further investigation. This technology is currently integrated with operational partners, supporting analysts in assessing real-world law enforcement datasets.

Key Features

  • Combined AI/ML and Bayesian analysis for entity alignment leveraging semantic understanding of AI/ML and robust statistical assessment of Bayesian techniques.
  • Integrates with standard open-source databases technology such as Elasticsearch and JanusGraph to enable the construction of higher-order search and analysis capabilities.
  • Efficiently identifies matches to adversary patterns in seconds within > 1 billion node scale world graphs

TIGER identifies the same persons and organizations across multiple data channels and enable searches for complex adversary patterns of behavior.

Benefit to Warfighter

TIGER brings the value of graph analytics to intelligence and criminal analysts, enabling them to efficiently understand, assess, and search for patterns across multiple data sources in a unified analysis framework.