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Internship Program Overview

PSI has historically hosted ten to twenty interns at various locations during the summer months that often continued into the academic year. Interns will have the ability to gain real-world experience on important projects, working directly with employees to innovate, develop and test solutions to real-world problems. The greatest success of the internship program would be to mature interns into full-time employees.

Our Internship Program will provide Interns with the resources and support needed to further not only their education but also help to start their professional careers. Here at PSI, Interns will hold an integral position in their project, where they will assist and provide support to the other members of the team while obtaining hands-on experiences. Throughout your time here at PSI as an Intern, there will be engaging work-culture events that you will be able to attend to help expand your professional network. You have the opportunity to meet other interns working on different projects, recent graduates, experienced technical professionals, and many others that you will be able to connect and build relationships.