Publications & Presentations

Dual-mode endoscopic probe combining OCT and autofluorescence imaging for inner ear hearing loss diagnosis and therapy guidance

Jesung Park, Jeffrey Cheng, Daniel Lee, Jeffrey Holt, Hannah Goldberg, Gopi Maguluri, John Grimble, and Nicusor Iftimia
SPIE Photonics West/BIOS 2020
San Francisco, CA
February 1, 2020

Proof of Concept study has demonstrated that the combined OCT/AF imaging approach can detect morphological and biochemical changes related to inner ear SNHL.

OCT/AF technology could be used to diagnose potential causes of SNHL and evaluate the success of the hair cell regeneration therapy approaches.

Multimodal imaging microscope for intraoperative detection of breast tumor positive margins

Mark Scimone, Dorin Preda, Sharon Song, Gopi Maguluri, Savitri Krishnamurthy, Jesung Park, John Grimble ,Nicusor Iftimia
SPIE Photonics West
San Francisco, CA
February 1, 2020

Enhanced contrast fluorescence imaging was very useful in highlighting suspicious cancer presence - reduces the amount of time needed for analyzing the specimen with higher resolution microscopy, which can be applied only on the highlighted areas

Automated analysis of tissue heterogeneity based on OCT images for improving personalized cancer therapy effectiveness

Mark Scimone, Gopi Maguluri, Jesung Park, Nicusor Iftimia
SPIE, Photonics West,
San Francisco, CA, February 4, 2020

Optical coherence tomography enables high-resolution, nondestructive imaging up to 1 mm in depth.

• Full 3D reconstructions allow for visualization of the full extent of tumor

• Estimation of tumor content allows for spatial exclusion in important personalized cancer treatment assays.
– Also useful for relevant 3D drug development assays

A High Throughput Spectroscopic Dosimeter for Simultaneous Measurement of Singlet Oxygen and Photosensitizer during PDT Treatment

Y. Zhao, T. Moritz, M. Hinds, J. Gunn, B. W. Pogue, and S. J. Davis
SPIE Photonics West / BIOS Conference
San Francisco, CA
February 1, 2020
SPIE Paper No. 11220-7

Successful development of a singlet oxygen spectrometer applicable for PDT treatment using a cw laser

Preliminary demonstration during in vivo animal experiments

Continued animal study is ongoing.

Next step will be to reduce the system cost and potentially include time gated measurement capability.

High Yield and Economical Production of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Ash

Dorin V. Preda, Prakash B. Joshi, David P. Gamliel, Jeffrey Y. Yee, Russell D. Lambert, James C. Hower, John G. Groppo, Jr., Todd Beers, and Mike Schrock
2019 International Pittsburgh Coal Conference
Pittsburgh, PA
September 3-6, 2019

Rare Earth Elements (REE) in fossil fuel derived solids and liquids