PERM-Mobile - Highly Configurable Mobile Solution for Real-time Source ID

PERM-Mobile is an advanced radiation detection and source identification system that can be easily configured for mobile and static applications. The system provides fast vehicle integration with power provided through the 12V vehicle supply. The PERM-Mobile uses a local WiFi network and a tablet which provides the user interface and processes the detection algorithms. The system can be configured as a standalone portal in under 15 minutes using the same mounting equipment used for vehicle installation. PERM-Mobile consists of two (2) NaI(Tl) scintillators and a 6LiF/ZnS (Ag) neutron detector commercially available from Saint Gobain. As an upright portal, the single neutron detector configuration meets ANSI N42.43 § 6.5 and § 6.7 for area monitors. An optional dual neutron detector arrangement is available for vehicle-only installations and meets ANSI N42.43 § 6.5 and § 6.7 for mobile monitors. The gamma detection channel is designed to achieve ~1% absolute energy calibration uncertainty and < 1% instability. It meets or exceeds the ANSI N42.43 and/or DNDO Technical Capability Standards (TCS) detection sensitivity requirements at significantly lower operational false alarm rates.

Perm-Mobile Vehicle
PERM-Mobile Vehicle and External Portal Configurations

The system offers unparalleled urban threat detection, identification and left/right source directionality using interactive urban maps. Real-time (1 Hz) source detection and identification in complex urban environments is provided via the state-of-the-art Poisson Clutter Split (PCS) algorithm. An optional contextual subsystem offers a basic snapshot of the surrounding environment during a source encounter.

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