MURS - Mobile Urban Radiation Search

MURS is an advanced mobile radiation detection, identification and source localization system coupled with day/night contextual imaging and inertial navigation subsystems discreetly installed in a 4x4 vehicle. The standard MURS includes a Chevrolet Tahoe SSV and is complete with a low-profile law enforcement package. The detector system consists of six (6) NaI(Tl) scintillators and two 6LiF/ZnS neutron detectors commercially available from Saint-Gobain. The gamma detection module is designed to achieve excellent angular resolution, ~0.5% absolute energy calibration uncertainty and < 0.5% instability. The MURS assembly was designed to meet the MIL-STD-810G Ground Mobile requirements for shock, vibration and impact. The gamma channel meets or exceeds the ANSI N42.43 and/or DNDO Technical Capability Standards (TCS) detection sensitivity requirements at significantly lower operational false alarm rates. The neutron detection channel meets ANSI N42.43-2016 § 6.5 and § 6.7 requirements. The system offers unparalleled urban threat detection, identification and source localization using interactive urban maps.

MURS provides several advanced features and performance advantages:

  • Available contextual data for improved environment visualization and threat awareness
  • Exceptionally low false alarm rate and stability in complex and variable radiological backgrounds using NORM rejection and clutter suppression
  • Highly sensitive, 1 Hz detection, identification and localization via the Poisson Clutter Split (PCS) algorithm
  • Absolute geo-location of source position
  • Intuitive, replay mode to interact with collected contextual and radiological information
  • Ruggedized, operationally quiet detector package

MURS Installations in Chevy Tahoe and Suburban and MURS Component Layout

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