High Speed VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Imager

Capability Description: Compact VNIR/SWIR HSI sensor compatible with small rotary wing UAS operation with application to disturbed earth detection and vegetation/mineral mapping

Key features:

  • A dual channel (500-1000 nm [VNIR], 1.2-2.4 µm [SWIR]) grating based HSI featuring a digital micromirror device as an agile scanning slit
  • The sensor includes an on-board SBC and communications to a custom ground control station for flight on a commercial UAS
  • The product is 384x290 (spatial) x480 (spectral) calibrated, orthorectified, spectral reflectivity data cubes acquired at 0.4 Hz
  • The approach provides a higher acquisition rate than competing HSI systems independent of aircraft motion

Benefits: Broadband, wide field of view, high quality hyperspectral imagery suitable for mine detection


For more information, contact: jdupuis@psicorp.com