OWL (Optical Warning and Localization)

OWL is a contextual system that can be coupled with a suite of other detectors to provide actionable intelligence and enhanced situational awareness. The system integrates visible and thermal cameras with PSI’s powerful onboard machine vision and keypoint tracking algorithms. OWL can also operate as a standalone, advanced camera system. The primary OWL uses include:

  1. Radiological and nuclear threat assessment when integrated with PSI’s PERM gamma detector

  2. AI-assisted standoff detection of CWA/BWA aerosols in thermal imagery from 500 m standoff range

  3. Wide-area tracking and detection of febrile individuals. In Fever Finder mode, the OWL system uses key point tracking algorithms to monitor large areas and scan for elevated body temperatures in dynamic crowds at ranges up to 20 meters. With an absolute temperature accuracy of < 0.5⁰C, the OWL provides immediate, actionable information to the relevant authorities.

  4. Streaming video feed providing 24 hrs, day/night, situational awareness for mobile applications

Technical Specifications:

Technical spec

Perm Tracking

For more information, contact: Cosofret@psicorp.com