Hypersonic Materials Testing


Testbed Facility

PSI’s Hypersonic Materials Testbed Facility

PSI's Hypersonic Materials Testbed provides accessible screening to evaluate thermal protection system (TPS) materials under high temperature, high heating rate, and strongly oxidizing reentry/hypersonic environmental conditions. This unique capability enables subscale testing of TPS materials and measurement of oxidation /erosion rate, changes in surface and bulk material properties and optical signatures enabling rapid material assessments and verification of CFD microphysics models.

Thermal Test
Thermal Protection Material Testing

Lab-scale: Rapid, low cost testing of material Thermal/Mechanical/Chemical response to high-enthalpy, high Mach number air flow
Clean: Microwave Jet: No electrode erosion/contamination
Relevant Enthalpies: 1-13 MJ/kg (Air) producing 0.2 – 1 kW/cm2 heating
Simulated Air Speed: Mach 3 to 16
Simulated Altitude: 15 – 70 km

Characterize the impact of the simulated hypersonic environment on material properties: Erosion/Ablation rate, surface and bulk properties, optical properties

Spatially and spectrally resolve signatures produced hypersonic materials: UV – Long Wave IR (LWIR)

Coming in Summer 2023: In-situ mechanical strength measurements of sample under test.

PSI offers materials testing services and sales of the hypersonic materials testbed.

For more information, contact: oakes@psicorp.com

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