Rare Earth Elements Recovered from Coal Ash by PSI Lead Team

Andover MA - Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has developed a chemical process that yields valuable products from coal ash. PSI partnered with Winner Water Services (WWS), and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), with support from the Department of Energy to design, demonstrate, and fabricate a pilot plant. The plant is located at a WWS facility in Pennsylvania.

REE Pilot Plant

The 30,000 square foot plant will process 12 tons of coal ash collected from power plants in Kentucky and pre-processed by CAER to produce the products. The resulting Rare Earth Elements (REE) and other products will be evaluated by the team and downstream vendors to support a domestic supply chain of these metals. Further, operational data acquired during the next months will be used to refine the design of a planned commercial scale plant.

“Rare Earth Elements are critically important to the United States. They are necessary in the production of electronics and for consumer and national defense purposes” said Dorin Preda, Research Leader. Current supplies of REE are highly dependent upon international sources. “Our intention is to develop a secure domestic supply of these materials to alleviate America’s dependency, while creating a business opportunity in the Appalachian region” said Todd Beers, Chief Operating Officer of WWS.

For more information about PSI’s rare earth element technology, please contact Mark Allen, Executive Vice-President of PSI’s Research and Development Division: allen@psicorp.com