PSI Annual Technical Achievement Awards

Nov 12, 2020

B. David Green, CEO, presented the 2020 Technical Achievement Awards to formally recognize the most significant technical achievements by our staff this past year. With hundreds of ongoing projects and numerous noteworthy contributors, the selection process is always difficult, and these awards recognize only a small fraction of the many significant accomplishments by our talented staff. With many promising new technologies now in development, the selection process will be even more difficult next year.


Nicusor Iftimia, Area Manager, Biomedical Optics Technology; Mark Scimone, Principal Engineer; Gopi Maguluri, Principal Scientist; and John Grimble, Senior Research Engineer received a Technical Achievement Award in recognition of the development of a fluorescence guided, reflective confocal microscopy-optical coherence tomography (FG-RCM/OCT) Instrument for breast surgery guidance. The team successfully developed the PSI Intelligent Optical Scanner, IOScan, an imaging instrument to address an unmet clinical need for guiding breast lumpectomy surgical procedures.

The PSI IOScan imager provides real-time assessment of the surgical margins of the tissue, informing the surgeon of the need for further remedial action. Currently, surgical specimens sent to the pathology lab are analyzed for results days later, after the patient has gone home. If a positive margin is identified (presence of cancer at the outer edge of the specimen), there is a major risk for tumor recurrence, and the patient is called to undergo a second surgery, at both a financial cost and a tremendous emotional cost to the patient and their family members.

IOScan performance has been demonstrated during an NIH Phase II SBIR program by using an FG-RCM/OCT imaging instrument. High-resolution imaging precisely indicates the extent of the margins. Competitive measurement approaches do not provide the resolution needed to differentiate positive margins, or are very slow to provide results, making them unsuitable for intraoperative use. PSI's IOScan is a revolutionary new product that provides real-time guidance. We congratulate this team on the successful development and application efforts and look forward to the clinical translation of this technology.


Specialty Electronics

Richard Wilson, Manager of Special Projects, was presented with an Achievement Award for his many achievements in the design, development, and integration of specialty electronics across a broad range of programs and activities. Most notable are:

• Leading a team of PSI and Q-Peak staff in completing the electronics and software for the Electronics Control Modules (ECM) in support of the STRAFE and SHORAD. The successful completion of the ECM is expected to lead to an order for future SHORAD units.

• Designing and producing boards for the High-Speed Data Acquisition System for ESOAM that control the operation and data acquisition and enable the operation of a high rate multi-channel laser optical scattering measurement.

• Leading the design of the board for InstantEye GEN4 Mission batteries to manage the safe charging and operation of an array of four cells specialty built by PSI's Energy group. He successfully integrated efforts at InstantEye engineering and manufacturing, and PSI Energy, operating in three locations to identify and solve problems with the implementation of this new battery technology as well as guide it through UN 383 certification.

• Playing a key role working with Adam Duff, Project Engineer, implementing an InstantEye-based radiation detection, navigation, and mapping capability that led to the development of the tether system for InstantEye, as well as designing and building a power board for our SCRAM system.

R Wilson
Richard Wilson

FARADAYIC® ElectroDisinfection

Faraday Technology's Santosh Vijapur, Principal Scientist; Stephen Snyder, Senior Research Scientist; and Timothy Hall, Principal Research Scientist were presented with Achievement Awards in recognition of their contribution in applying FARADAYIC® ElectroDisinfection to on-demand electrochemical generation of peroxide for disinfection of manned spacecraft.

The project has successfully transitioned from NASA Phase I and Phase II SBIRs to a NASA Phase III activity with hardware deliverables that will meet the peroxide guideline requirements. The team successfully overcame scientific and engineering challenges associated with electrochemical generation of peroxide for NASA application, including: determining the most effective peroxide disinfectant concentration for bacteria/virus "kill", the daily volume peroxide disinfectant required, and creating a peroxide generation unit meeting the stringent size and weight requirements.


Novel Smart Sorbents

Dorin Preda, Group Leader, Materials Technologies; Colin Hessel, Principal Research Scientist; Sharon Song, Principal Scientist; Albert Wright, Russell Lambert and Nicholas Craig, Senior Engineers; and David Gamliel, Principal Scientist/Engineer were presented with Achievement Awards in recognition of the effort by the Ithildin team in developing novel smart sorbents with enhanced capabilities for sampling and storage.

The work established the ground for further PSI activity in the sorbent platform area for both sampling and detection as exemplified by the recent wins in Carbon Monoxide Decontamination and Atmospheric Water Extraction. The customer praised the team's accomplishments, stating: "The work that your team did moved the bar in selective sampling, clutter rejection, and triggered sorbent activation capabilities and demonstrated an ability to tailor sorbent functionalization and, therefore, selectivity to the application. You exhibited creative innovation and excellent systematic analytical capabilities."

Smart Sorbents

Contract News

PSI recently received the following research contracts:

"Multi-Path Extinction Detector for Chemical ID and Quantification" from the U.S. Army

" Doppler-compensated Integrated Photonic Time-bin Entanglement Transceiver" and "Adaptive Venturi for Surge Pressure Mitigation" from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

"Endoscopic "Multifunctional" Optical Coherence Tomography for Airway Tissue Injury Management" from The National Institutes of Health (NIH)

"Integrated Microplasmas for Rapidly-tunable Microwave Switches and Antennas" from the U.S. Navy - Naval Air Warfare Center

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