Energy Scavenging Technology for Electric Power Generation

Physical Sciences Inc (PSI) of Andover, Massachusetts, in collaboration with Purdue University, has been awarded a research contract from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop a novel approach to scavenging heat from high intensity thermal environments encountered during space missions and converting this thermal power to electrical power at high efficiency.

Examples of this approach include extremely hot heat shields during vehicle entry into planetary atmospheres (Mars/Venus probes) and during high speed ascent through planetary atmospheres (Sample return from Mars/Venus), hot claddings of radioisotope thermoelectric generators used for powering outer planetary spacecraft and multi-decade planetary bases (Mars/Venus/Lunar), as well as combustors/nozzles of space and launch propulsion systems, specifically, nuclear propulsion systems of renewed interest.

The compact power generator devices have several aerospace and commercial applications to high temperature sources encountered in terrestrial systems, such as portable electrical power converters from machinery (engines, stoves) used by soldiers and civilians in outdoor environments

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