Controlled Porosity and Surface Coatings for Advanced Gas Diffusion Layers

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) has been awarded a contract from the Department of Energy to develop a low cost manufacturing process for advanced fuel cell components.

Polymer electrolyte fuel cells are a leading candidate to replace internal combustion engines for light duty vehicles, but their performance is below current targets. The gas diffusion layers in the fuel cell are one component that limits the performance. These limits can be addressed by structuring porosity in the gas diffusion layers to enhance transport mechanisms and provide greater durability.

PSI is addressing the problems of current generation gas diffusion layers by engineering controlled porosity that improves water management in polymer exchange membrane fuel cells and by coating the gas diffusion layers with a novel corrosion resistant layer to achieve greater resistance to chemical attack at operating conditions.

Gas diffusion layers are critical components of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells that address the transportation market. This market is half of the $3.6 billion revenue for fuel cells in 2016. The gas diffusion layers developed will accelerate adoption of fuel cell vehicles, reducing reliance on internal combustion engines and their associated environmental impacts.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Christopher Lang
Area Manager, Material and Energy Technologies

Physical Sciences Inc.
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