Optical Materials Scientist/Physicist

Optical Materials Scientist/Physicist

PSI - Boston, MA

Physical Sciences Inc., located just north of Boston in Andover, MA., seeks well-qualified candidates for positions on our research team. The optical materials scientist position is intended for an individual who is interested in supporting and leading programs devoted to the design, development, and use of optical and photonic materials. An ideal candidate should be interested in a career devoted to applied research and development with strong experimental, hardware, and leadership skills, and should be interested in maturing technologies from concept to prototype. We seek both entry level (i.e., new graduate) and intermediate level (at least 5 to 10 years of experience outside of academia) applicants interested in a dynamic combination of design, laboratory, and field work.

The following technical skills are relevant:
• Optical material development
• Clean room fabrication, including lithography and deposition techniques, such as nano-imprint and additive manufacturing
• Wet bench synthesis, including solution processing of active and passive optical materials, batch and roll-to-roll processing
• Additive manufacturing techniques
• Photonic design
• Electromagnetic simulation such FDTD or FEA
• Emerging techniques such as neural networks, adjoint optimization, and machine learning
• Experience with photonic foundries including simulation, layout, design rule checking, and process design kit (PDK) use and creation for material systems such as silicon, silicon nitride, or group III/V semiconductors
• Optical and electronic characterization (including but not limited to spectroscopy, metrology, calorimetry)

Successful candidates will have the opportunities to contribute to ongoing programs and develop new programs in the following applications and technical areas:
• Optical and RF metamaterials
• Optical detectors and sensors
• Photovoltaics
• Quantum information
• Atomic and quantum sensors
• Integrated photonics

Candidates should be highly motivated individuals with a strong desire to develop independent research programs that draw on our team’s existing efforts and capabilities. Strong verbal and written communication skills are required as the candidate will participate in program reporting, professional presentations, and proposal writing.

PhD or Masters in Physics, Applied Physics, Optics, Electrical Engineering, Material Science or related field is required.

US Citizenship is required.

Flexible spending accounts
Long-tem bank (LTB) sick hours
Short term disability insurance
Long term disability insurance
Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance