Electrical/Signal Processing Engineer

Electrical/Signal Processing Engineer

PSI - Boston, MA

Physical Sciences Inc., located just north of Boston in Andover, is seeking an Electrical/Electronics Engineer to participate in next generation sensor and signal processor development efforts. The position involves the design, build and test of electronic systems, all the way from concept through schematic design, printed circuit design, manufacturing / fabrication, test and integration of prototypes. This person will work within a team environment that includes scientists, software and mechanical engineers.

Successful applicants will have many of the following skills:
• An ability to think at a system level and convert a concept to an electrical architecture.
• Altium design experience or Orcad / Pads / Eagle with a willingness to move to Altium.
• High speed data acquisition including high bandwidth, low noise analog circuits for front end capture on ADCs.
• Use of FPGAs (Spartan / Xilinx – Zynq), I/O control of sensors systems from microcontrollers and PCs, interfacing microcontrollers to various sensors over I2C,SPI, RS232,RS485 buses, and interfacing systems with PCs.
• Printed circuit board design and manufacture, including component design, placement and routing for high speed / low noise, an understanding of impedance controlled routing, and working with PCB fabricators.
• PCB / system level integration and test including familiarity with lab equipment (oscilloscopes / pulse, pulse generators etc. ) as well as board commissioning processes and test.
• Code development on microcontrollers and systems including data capture, manipulation and transfer from embedded platforms including Beaglebone, Rasberry Pi, MSP430, Arduino, IMX 6/7/8, TX2 as well as LINUX on embedded platforms
• Development of code in C /C++ / Python on embedded platforms

Prior experience in several of the following is desired: high voltage power supplies for biasing, signal acquisition and display, gimballed and basic optical systems, high speed laser communications / signal capture, laser or motor drivers, battery systems, or interfacing to systems on mobile robots (Drones, UGV, AUV, or UAV). Also valued is prior experience interfacing to GPS, IMU, magnetometers, motor controller Systems to PC or microcontrollers over wifi/ radio links / serial / USB.

The ideal candidate will have a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with 5 years of experience. Consideration will be given to recently degreed candidates with graduate thesis and research project experience.

US Citizenship is required.

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