Propulsion and Energetics Facility

PSI’s Propulsion and Energetics facility has multiple propulsion test engines and propellant manufacturing capabilities. The engines are used for propellant tests, system development, and technology demonstrations. Projects include hybrid rocket motors, liquid monopropellant engines, and solid fuel ramjets. Additionally, the facility houses mills and mixers for both propellant and explosive manufacturing, as well as a firing range for explosives testing.

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Propulsion Test Cells - PSI evaluates solid and liquid propellants using propulsion test cells at our Epping, NH facility. PSI has 6 propulsion test cells, a closed chamber capable of measuring burn rates up to 8000 psig, a propellant surveillance test cell, a propellant mixing and curing test cell, a slow cook off (SCO) facility, a bullet impact range and, a control room.

Propellant and Explosives Manufacturing – Propellants and explosives are produced at the laboratory scale for propellant/explosive formulation characterization and produced on a larger scale for engine firings and detonation testing. Ingredients’ particle sizes are produced using a Vibro energy mill and characterized. Vacuum casting is used for making larger grains followed by oven curing.

Propulsion Test Cell