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Scientific and technical support services, like payload integration and testing, optical calibration, and plasma technologies for space applications.



The Lanham Operations develop space instrumentation and perform research in space sciences, theoretical and experimental plasma physics, optics, and radiometry.


Over the past ten years, Lanham has provided high quality science, engineering, and systems support for customers that include the Navy, Air Force, and NASA. For example, Lanham led the payload integration and payload operations teams for the successful Clementine Moon-mapping mission.

Current projects include the development of on-orbit sensors for panchromatic and hyperspectral imaging of the earth and laser-induced-plasma studies at the Naval Research Laboratory PHAROS and NIKE facilities.


3,500-square-feet, housing optics and microwave laboratories.


Dr. Chris Rollins

Research Support Instruments
4325-B Forbes Boulevard
Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: (301) 306-0010
Fax: (301) 306-0295